Yoshida Scholarship Foundation

To Former Scholarship Students

Information posted on this page is targeted at former YSF scholarship students.

Please Keep Us Updated with Your Address and Other Contact Details

YSF would like to keep in touch with former YSF scholarship students to help them interact with each other even after the expiry of the term of scholarship.
Please contact the YSF administration office promptly if there are any changes to the following matters after the expiry of the term of scholarship:

  • 1) Name;
  • 2) Current address;
  • 3) Home phone number/mobile phone number; or
  • 4) Email address.
Please Contribute to Our Blog

YSF is inviting former scholarship students to contribute articles to be posted on the blog page of YSF’s website.
Your article may be about anything, including but not limited to your life as a researcher, what you have experienced in everyday life, what you have been up to lately, your memories as a scholarship student, and a message to current scholarship students. We would appreciate it if you could write in English or Japanese, and also send your head-and-shoulders photo and photos related to your article.
We accept articles by email addressed to the YSF administration office. Please feel free to contribute your post.