Yoshida Scholarship Foundation

President’s Message

The world has continued to undergo dramatic changes since the beginning of the 21st century.
In this day and age of change, highly-educated individuals who can demonstrate leadership in their respective fields from a global perspective are sought after. At the Yoshida Scholarship Foundation (YSF), we seek to fulfill such need of the times by assisting in the development of prospective leaders who can play an active role in the international arena.

To this end, YSF awards scholarship grants focusing on highly capable graduate students at home and abroad.
We also proactively make opportunities for YSF scholarship students to interact with each other, in the hope that they will build a network of long-lasting friendship. In implementing scholarship grant and exchange programs, we aim to fully demonstrate our strength as a private scholarship foundation by inviting a wide range of students, conducting screening in a strict manner and providing wholehearted support as a matter of policy.

We are confident that one day in the near future, YSF scholarship students will demonstrate their potential to the fullest extent across the world, by utilizing their networks originating from YSF. We look forward to their high-profile activities to make the 21st century all the more exciting.


Tadahiro Yoshida
Yoshida Scholarship Foundation