Yoshida Scholarship Foundation

Now More than Ever, Exchanges Between Scholars from Various Backgrounds Are Vital

Tadao Yoshida, the founder of YKK Group, established the Yoshida Scholarship Foundation in 1967. Ever since then, the Foundation has continued to support the fostering of human resources active in the global arena.

Tadao Yoshida believed in the “Cycle of Goodness,” the idea that “no one prospers without rendering benefit to others.” This is the spirit animating the business activities of YKK throughout the world and the Foundation’s principal work, which is providing scholarships and educational support to promising young people from all over the world, as a social contribution activity on the part of the YKK Group.

The Foundation provides not only scholarships but also opportunities for exchanges among our scholars. Although the pandemic is currently making it difficult to sponsor exchanges, which are vital to the Foundation’s activities, we will continue to ensure that scholars can conduct their studies and research with peace of mind and devise ways to encourage exchanges.

The Foundation is committed to providing a wide variety of opportunities for exchanges with past and current scholars who are experts in various fields, to nurture the development of warm-hearted individuals with a broad-ranging perspective.

Today, we are living in the midst of unprecedented change. I believe that this makes it more important than ever to create academic knowledge based on personal cross-disciplinary exchanges.

The pandemic shows no signs of abating and this situation is surely of concern to you. But rest assured that the Foundation will do everything possible to support you. Please take good care of yourselves and your families. At the same time, hold your dreams for the future firmly in sight and persevere in your studies and research.


Tadahiro Yoshida